Hello all, this is the RP help for the When the Smoke Clears Roleplay Group. We're here to answer questions for you, and make tasks easier. Please use this blog freely.

Hello! The first order of business here is a simple guide. Things I wish I’d known when I started roleplaying. Things I use to this day. Tips tricks and little ways to make the over all Roleplaying experience easier on you and your partners.

The Very First Order of Business… Making a URL

Now this is pretty easy, especially if you already know your character well. It can be very simple. For example I’ll use my own character here. Belle could be BelleFrench but oftentimes that will be taken if it’s a canon character. So you could use Belle-Frence, BellexFrench or something else involving the character like her love for books (strangebutspecialbelle is an old inactive Belle account of mine for example) Pretty easy to go by. But remember!

using hyphens - make it harder to tag people, personally I avoid them but others use them all the time. Keep in mind you cannot be tagged with the hyphens as it will not notify you.

Do not make a side blog. You cannot send asks and it restricts you greatly. Plus, if you end up with multiple fandoms you may wish to keep them separate.

Many groups won’t accept a side blog. So saver yourself the trouble and just make a new email and account for it. :)


Find a good theme, you can use Tumblr’s themes as they’re the most easily accessible. But often times that’s frowned upon and they really don’t leave much room for custom links and the like. A simple google search of “Tumblr Themes” will get you a few sites. One I use often as it has links to all different creators, is Theme-Hunter


Elsewhere I’ve seen it referred to as “played by” or similar other names. But “Faceclaim” is the most popular on tumblr. It’s an actor, actress, singer, youtuber, …etc that you thing looks like your character would look. Usually someone with gifs is handy should you be doing gif chats at all. If you’re playing a canon from an animated series i find looking up dream casting to help. 

Otherwise for OCs it’s completely at your digression. Sometimes the underused fc tag is helpful, but check for gifs if you plan on using them often. Usually under used FCs are underused for lack of gifs.

Track your URL

Thankfully I think I picked up on this before RPing or soon after I began, but always track your url, that way you know if people are trying to speak with you! To track a tag all you do is search it and click the ‘track’ button that appears once you’re on the search page.

Titles and Tagging!

I perfer roleplays with titles, such as a greeting with Hello!|| Person A & Person B That way I know which RP it was, and who was a part of it. This will make it far easier if you ever go looking through archives again.

Which brings me to my second point. TAG your roleplays! Just the other person’s url (again, without hyphens to make it searchable) optionally the thread name. Some people even tag it in relation to the type of roleplay it is. For example Para, Gif Chat, Convo…etc. 

Abbreviations and Terms

Terms you’ll encounter in your roleplaying adventures are things like…

Mun - You. The person behind the character. The player, the roleplayer, the user (My Tron side is showing with this one…) or whatever else you may call it, the tumblr RP community has dubbed you a mun. 

Muse - The Character you are playing. Simple as that.

Faceclaim (FC) - I’ve explained this was farther up

Canon - The original work (movie, television show, book..etc) That the character comes from. Or, the main plot in a group can be considered canon for that group as well.

Magic Anon (M!A, MA) - Magic Anons are anonymous messages sent meaning to alter your character for a set period of time. This can range from gender swap anons to making your angry, icy cold villain into a cuddly kitten for a week, to literally turning them into a kitten. Making them fall in love… the possibilities are endless. And there are various lists out there. You are not required to accept these. (And if you’re a part of a group check if they’re even usable, some groups don’t allow them as they can really mess with a set plot)

God Modding - Taking control of another person’s character, moving them, making them talk, anything This is included in scenes (specifically fight scenes) when you may not directly control the character but you only leave them a single way to respond.

DO NOT DO THIS. EVER. Any manner of this is extremely frowned upon. (Unless given permission ..etc..etc.. yadda yadda. Best avoided though, promise)

Meta Gaming - If you play Dungeons and Dragons the term “Player Knowledge” might come to mind. But this is from Urban Dictionary. 

A common term used in Role-Playing game that tells real life details or something that goes beyond the limits or environment set by the game. 

Basically your character only knows what they have encountered. Since I’m writing this for a OUAT RP… Rumpelstiltskin cannot know that Belle is alive. Sure, a gut feeling might be okay, but if you follow canon he truly believed her to be dead. So no, he’s not going to just walk up to her with a “oh hey I missed you, how’s your dad?” No. He’ll be genuinely shocked. Belle can’t know either, since her memories are cursed memories in this RP. So she can’t know who he is and why he’s freaking out about her being alive. 

Another thing I’ve seen is people expecting others to know everything about their character. Like… for example. If your character runs off in the midst of a conversation before my character can follow (or, say Kurt Wagner/Night Crawler teleports away) My Character cannot follow yours unless they react in time to properly follow. My character does not instinctively know where yours is. Or that they’re upset if they gave no hint of it. So please do not expect me to Meta game and get upset when I do not. Thank you.

Headcanon (HC) - A little fact, or quirk of your character that may not quite fit in the bio so you make a separate post about it. Usually linked on separate page with /tagged/headcanon or some such.

Out of Character (OOC) - When your character acts as though they normally wouldn’t. For instance the sweet shy bubbly character will not openly punch someone in the face upon meeting them. That’s OOC.

This however, can also refer to OOC posts, or talking OOC which is the mun talking, as opposed to the character. (contex for this is usually pretty obvious and the second option here is usually far more common.)

In Character (IC) - When you speak as your character. Sometimes this can also apply to someone saying that and action is “very in character” meaning it seems very much like something the character would do.

Alternate Universe (AU) - Basically this is anything that deviates from that character’s canon verse. (Putting Disney characters in Harry Potter is considered AU)

Main!Verse - The Canon story arc for that specific character.

And because I know I’ll never cover all the ones other people have, i found this list here… feel free to read it because I didn’t even begin to cover what they have.

Spelling and Grammar

Sure, we understand mistakes happen but all I’m going to say on this subject is try your best. That’s all that should be expected. Punctuation can change the entire meaning of a sentence.

Let’s eat Grandma!


Let’s eat, Grandma!

Please, Punctuation saves lives. Yes I just used that joke here, but hey it makes a point.

Other things to remember…

Just try, that’s all we ask. One thing though you really ought to try to get right?

Try to spell the character you’re RPing with’s name correctly. Typos are fine but please, don’t keep calling someone named Angel, Angel. You wouldn’t want someone to mess up your name. 

Now, onto the biggest point of all

Be Repectful!

Treat others as you want to be treated. If you’re kind, generally people will be kind to you, and nicely correct you if you get something wrong. They’ll help you out if you need help (Don’t be afraid to ask questions!) But if you’re rude and argumentative? You won’t have many roleplay partners for long.

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